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Our Work

We offer consultation, training, program adaptation, and technical assistance. All of our services are created to help organizations, institutions, government entities, and communities work toward ambitious DEI outcomes that will allow all employees to thrive and improve safety, productivity, and retention of a diverse and talented workforce. 



Whether large or small, the Kalformativ team has provided a wide variety of support to leadership, teams, departments, and businesses. We have longstanding relationships with companies in financial services, healthcare, technology, entertainment, and alcohol industries.

Government Agencies

At the local and federal levels, the Kalformativ team has extensive experience supporting and consulting with government entities to leverage best practices, build capacity, develop strategic plans, and shape policy.


Educational Institutions

We are not a one-fits-all, check-the-box DEI training program. Our team has worked with schools and other educational institutions to understand their policies, practices, and culture. Our strategies are customized to each context to maximize impact.

Social Impact Organizations

This is where Kalformativ was born. The founder, Kalkidan Gossaye, was an executive for many years working in various social impact organizations. We work with non-profits, foundations, and other social advocacy organizations to implement effective DEI and empower their teams to focus on their mission and better serve their communities.


We work with and support continued growth and development of organizations at all stages of their DEI journey. Contact us to discuss your DEI needs.

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